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Yasmeen Abu-Laban

Yasmeen Abu-Laban


University of Alberta

Yasmeen Abu-Laban is Professor and Canada Research Chair in the Politics of Citizenship and Human Rights in the Department of Political Science at the University of Alberta.  Her research interests centre on the Canadian and comparative dimensions of ethnic and gender politics;  immigration policies and politics; multiculturalism, human rights and anti-racism; as well as surveillance and border control.   Her recent books include (with Ethel Tungohan and Christina Gabriel) Containing Diversity:  Canada and the Politics of Immigration in the 21st Century (University of Toronto Press, 2023), and (with Abigail B. Bakan) Israel, Palestine and the Politics of Race (Bloomsbury/IB Tauris, 2020).  She is also co-editor (with Alain-G. Gagnon and Arjun Tremblay) of a book inspired by the 50th anniversary of Canadian multiculturalism entitled Assessing Multiculturalism in Global Comparative Perspective:  A New Politics of Diversity for the Twenty-First Century? (Routledge, 2023).  Her research articles have appeared in numerous journals including Race and Class, Ethnic and Racial Studies, and Canadian Ethnic Studies.  She serves on the editorial board of Canadian Ethnic Studies and also served on the former Canadian Ethnic Studies Advisory Committee in the Department of Canadian Heritage.  Since attending her first meetings of the Canadian Ethnic Studies Association in 1991 in Winnipeg, she has regularly attended CESA conferences.  She has sought to bring insights from the Canadian Ethnic Studies tradition to the discipline of Political Science working to create a new and vibrant section on “Race Ethnicity, Indigenous Peoples and Politics” in the Canadian Political Science Association in 2009, as well as serving as founding chair of Research Committee 46 on Migration and Citizenship in the International Political Science Association in 2018.  She has organized numerous conferences, including the 2012 meetings of the Canadian Political Science Association, held at the University of Alberta.  She has also served as President of the Canadian Political Science Association (2016-2017) and Vice-President of the International Political Science Association (2018-2021).

Yoko Yoshida

Yoko Yoshida


Dalhousie University

Yoko Yoshida is an Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology at Western University in London, Ontario. Prior to joining Western, she worked at Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia and was the Academic Director of the Atlantic Research Data Centre (2012-2016). She also served as the Vice-President of the Canadian Population Society (2019-2020). Her research interests primarily focus on the areas of immigration and immigrant’s integration in Canada. Over the years, her research has explored the economic and non-economic contribution of immigrants to Canada and immigration trends in smaller regions in Canada. Her recent research examines the economic outcomes and retention of immigrants in Atlantic Canada and the impacts of pre-landing Canadian experience and immigration policies on those outcomes. She is also a member of the Child and Youth Refugee Research Coalition, analyzing the adulthood transition of refugee and immigrant youth and economic conditions of refugee families. She works closely with academic and non-academic partners across settlement services sectors, promoting data-based policy and program planning through workshops and providing regional data.

Henry P.H. Chow

Henry P.H. Chow


University of Regina

Henry Chow is a Professor and Graduate Program Co-ordinator in the Department of Sociology and Social Studies at the University of Regina. Professor Chow obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Toronto in 1997. Prior to his appointment at the University of Regina, he taught at the University of Calgary in Alberta (1997-1999) and Trent University in Ontario (1996). From 1999-2011, he served as an adjunct professor in the Department of Sociology at Calgary.

Professor Chow’s primary teaching and research interests are in the areas of immigration and multiculturalism, immigrant and refugee settlement, criminology and criminal justice, social gerontology, the sociology of education, the sociology of religion, quantitative analysis, and survey research methods. His publications appear in  His peer-reviewed publications appear in Alberta Journal of Educational Research, Australian Journal of Environmental Education, Canadian Ethnic Studies, Canadian Journal of Criminology, Canadian Journal of Higher Education, Death Studies, Ethnicity and Health, Electronic Journal of Research in Educational Psychology, International Journal of Academic Research in Education, International Journal of Criminal Justice Sciences, International Journal of Criminology and Sociological Theory, International Journal of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Education, International  Journal of Research in Sociology and Anthropology, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, Journal of Identity and Migration Studies, Journal of International Migration and Integration, Journal of Penal Law and Criminology, Journal of Population and Social Studies, Policing: An International Journal of Police Strategies and Management, Prairie Forum, Social Indicators Research, and Social Psychology of Education: An International Journal.

   Shibao Guo

Shibao Guo


Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary

Dr. Shibao Guo is Professor at the Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary. Over the past twenty years as a transnational academic and scholar, Dr. Guo has developed research expertise in the areas of transnational migration, diaspora studies, Chinese immigrants in Canada, ethnic and race relations, and comparative and international education. Dr. Guo’s research has been funded by a number of organizations, including the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada; Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada; Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada; International Organization for Migration; and Education International. He has numerous publications including books, journal articles, and book chapters. His latest books include: Decolonising lifelong learning in the context of transnational migration (Routledge, 2020), Immigration, racial and ethnic studies in 150 years of Canada: Retrospects and prospects  (Brill|Sense, 2018). Currently he serves as co-editor of Canadian Ethnic Studies and two book series for Brill|Sense  Publishers: Transnational Migration and Education and Spotlight on China. He is also past president of the Comparative  and International Education Society of Canada (CIESC).

Min-Jung Kwak

Min-Jung Kwak


Saint Mary’s University

Min-Jung Kwak is an Associate Professor in the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies at Saint Mary’s University. She is an economic and social geographer with broad research interests in ethnicity, race, gender and migration. She has conducted research projects on international education industry, ethnic economies, and transnational education migrant family experiences. More recently, her research foci include the cross-border dynamics of education migration and the accessibility and transnational dimension of immigrant healthcare services. She is co-editor of the book entitled Outward and Upward Mobilities: International Students in Canada, Their Families, and Structuring Institutions (University of Toronto Press 2019). Over the last twenty years, Dr. Kwak has worked with various immigrant groups in major Canadian cities (e.g., Vancouver, Toronto and Halifax) and of the groups, she has developed significant research partnerships with Korean-Canadian and Chinese-Canadian communities.


Evangelia Tastsoglou

Evangelia Tastsoglou


Saint Mary’s University

Evangelia Tastsoglou, PhD, LLM, is Professor of Sociology and Global Development Studies at Saint Mary’s University. Her research engages feminist and intersectional perspectives on women, gender and various aspects of international migration; Canadian immigration and integration; violence, citizenship, transnationalism and diasporas. Her recent coauthored and (co)edited books include: Interrogating Gender, Violence, and the State in National and Transnational Contexts, Current Sociology Monograph Series (Vol. 64:4, July 2016) and Gender-Based Violence in
Migration: Interdisciplinary, Feminist and Intersectional Approaches (Palgrave-Macmillan, forthcoming in 2022). She is currently the principal investigator of a 4-member Canadian team of the CIHR-funded project
“Violence against Women Migrants and Refugees: Analyzing Causes and Effective Policy Response”, part of an international project funded by the GENDER-NET Plus Cofund. She is also the principal investigator of a SSHRCfunded project on “Gendering Violence and Precarity in Forced Migration: Asylum Seeking Women in the Eastern Mediterranean” and co-PI of an interdisciplinary NFRFE two-year project on “Visual Analytics for TextIntensive Social Science Research on Immigration.” Dr. Tastsoglou has served as president of RC 32 (the Research Committee on Women in Society) of the ISA (2010-2014), elected member of the ISA Research Council (2014-2018), chairperson of the Department of Sociology and Criminology at Saint Mary’s University (2006-2012), and International Development Studies Coordinator (2017-2021). She is the recipient of the Saint Mary’s University President’s Award for Excellence in Research (2021). More information about Evangelia Tastsoglou.




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