CESA 2018

Immigration, Ethnic Mobilities, and Diasporic Communities in a Transnational World 

October 11-13, 2018

Banff, Alberta


CESA 2015

Immigration, Ethnicity and Diversity in 150 Years of Canada: Looking Back, Going Forward

 October 23-24, 2015

Ottawa-Gatineau, Ontario


CESA 2013

Transforming Citizenship: Ethnicity, Transnationalism, and Belonging in Canada

 October 24-26, 2013 

Edmonton, Alberta


CESA 2012

Ethnic Identity Formation and Change in Canada and Abroad

November 23-24, 2012

Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario


CESA 2011

Multiculturalism Turns 40: Reflections on the Canadian Policy

 September 30-Oct 1, 2011

Ottawa, Ontario


CESA 2010

Ethnicity, Governance, and Social Justice: Linking Canada to the World

November 5-6, 2010

Toronto, Ontario


CESA 2009

Ethnicity, Social Justice, and Human Rights: Linking Canada to the World

October 1-4, 2009

Winnipeg, Manitoba


CESA 2007

Ethnicity, Civil Society, and Public Policy: Engaging Cultures in a Globalizing World

September 27-30, 2007

Winnipeg, Manitoba


CESA 2005

Toward Social Justice: Illusions, Realities, Possibilities

October 13-16, 2005

Ottawa, Ontario


CESA 2003

Ethnicity: Space and Place

October 2-5, 2003

Banff, Alberta


CESA 2001

Ethnicizing the Nation

 November 2-4, 2001

 Halifax, Nova Scotia 


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